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Ojaibadan - A Newly Created FREE Classified Ads Platform, a classified ads platform, was brought into existence to help in the establishment of Ibadan businesses on the World Wide Web. Before the creation of OjaIbadan, businesses in Ibadan had not been having their fair share of the benefits presented by the internet through the use of online marketing platforms. The majority of Ibadan businesses, services, etc were not well represented. The accompanied advantages were so underutilized and even completely neglected in some cases. These nonchalant attitudes of most Ibadan business owners were seen as an advantage by sellers from other neighboring cities who are judiciously utilizing it.

It has been noticed and experienced on several occasions online where sellers from other cities will present their goods to buyers with a location tag of an Ibadan address and in reality; neither the goods nor the seller is located in Ibadan. A buyer will eventually discover this on further inquiries in the course of negotiation for the goods. In some instances, the buyer would end up settling for it and hence bear the cost of transporting the goods to him in Ibadan, after making several failed attempts to get a seller within Ibadan for the same item online.

The above scenario had happened to me times without a number, only to later discover that the sellers of such items are also in Ibadan, often with better qualities, cheaper prices, the ability to examine the items at a nearby location, and with low to no cost of transportation. But the problem is this most of these sellers are nowhere to be found on the Internet. It is either they are still ignorant of the internet or yet to discover the power of it. If you fall into either of these two categories of people, please read the following paragraph very well, again and again. It is an excerpt from the book called THE MILLIONAIRE Fastlane by MJ De Marco.

“The most potent interstate is an Internet business. The Internet has made more millionaires in the last decade than any other medium out there”

It cannot be overemphasized that no other medium can compete with the Internet. It is indeed the fast lane to making not only millions but billions in this era of advanced technologies. This is an opportunity for the entire human race and my dear Ibadan land must not be excluded from it.

Ibadan is blessed with big and notable markets where all sorts of items human beings can ever need are being sold. Be it fashion, glossaries, provisions, automobiles, real estate, IT gadgets, farm produce, health products, educational materials, and other goods and services.

Some of the popular markets in Ibadan are:
Dugbe Market, Aleshinloye Market, Mokola Market, Sango Market, Bodija Market, Agboowo Market, Ojoo Market, Shasha Market, Gbagi Market, New Garage, Molete, Oje Market, Agodi Gate, Iwo road market, etc.

Finally, it is our pleasure at Abicom Networks, as the owner of, to present this platform to the entire world as a selling and buying center for Ibadan people. We are strategizing to take OjaIbadan to every household in Ibadan land for the benefit of all.

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